Practically Perfect Hindcast Archive 1979-2019

It is recommended that you read before using this data.

  • Practically perfect values (0-100%) were calculated on the NCEP 211 grid (80-km) following the formal definition used at SPC. This involves using a 1.5 σ kernel as described in the paper above.

  • Archived fields are available for tornado, damaging convective wind gusts, and large hail. Significant (i.e., hatched) fields are also available.

A plotting example using a Python Jupyter Notebook is available here.


Download Tornado (675 MB) Download Hail (675 MB) Download Wind (675 MB)
Download Significant Tornado (675 MB) Download Significant Hail (675 MB) Download Significant Wind (675 MB)
If using this data, please cite:

Gensini V. A. , A. M. Haberlie, and P. T. Marsh, 2020: Practically perfect hindcasts of severe convective storms. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., DOI: 10.1175/BAMS-D-19-0321.1

If you are interested in obtaining data prior to 1979, or a "modified" version of the practically perfect hindcasts, please contact me.
Send any questions to vgensini at niu dot edu


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